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In Italy are traditional white circular stone structures dotting the hillsides, their conical roofs rising up above them like, somewhere a hobbit might reside.

The Trulli are traditional white Apulian stone dwellings characterized by stone conical roofs. They are beautiful examples of the ancient technique of drywall constructions still used today all over the region of Puglia, in southern Italy, and are one of Puglia’s main tourist attractions.

The town of Alberobello, 40 miles south of the port city Bari, is characterized by its 1500 iconic trulli, usually with pinnacles. Some trullo cones are adorned with symbols of, crosses, hearts, planetary symbols or the evil eye. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1996, the trulli are not only interesting architecture, but a window into the past.

Dating back to 1500, the Count of Conversano was given some uninhabited land for his services in the Crusades. He colonized the land, bringing in peasants and allowing them to build these simple stone huts. The traditional structures were built without mortar or cement in order to avoid taxes. This style of building was so popular it is even reflected in the walls that surround the region and its countryside.

The limestone trullos are usually grouped in three, four, or five with each room under one conical roof. An excellent example of some of the larger trulli in the region is Trullo Sovrano, a national monument, which has been well preserved over the years.

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