Badab-e Surt

Dazzling natural wonder

One of the most amazing natural attractions of Iran, is a glistering colorful terrace travertine with distinctive orange hue, that adds to the beauty of the landscape.

Badab- e Surt (Badab Soort) is a magnificent natural heritage site in the northern Iran, in Mazandaran province, including a range of beautiful colorful travertine springs.

Iran’s striking geological masterpiece of colorful travertine terraces, is a result of limestone deposited by water flowing from two distinct mineral hot springs, located at 1,840 metres (6,040 ft) above sea level. The two hot springs have different natural properties

One of the springs, which is about 15 meters deep, has a very salty water which supposedly have healing properties for certain skin conditions. The other hot spring contains a red and kind of sour water due to the iron deposits. The water in Badab- e Surt is also known as a cure for rheumatism and migraine.

The red color of travertine terraces are due to iron carbonate. When light hits the terraces it can make the puddles glow with the red, orange, and yellow tones found in the underlying rock. Reflections from the sky and clouds can sometime add swirls of blue and gray to the mix, creating a wonderful rich natural hues.

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LocationMazandaran Province

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