Benagil Cave

A Geological Marvel

Along a magnificent beach in Portugal is the famous open-sky cave featuring warm orange tones with interior stunning views, that magically contrasts with the blue sea.

The famous Benagil cave, also known as Algar de Benagil, or Cave in Algarve, is huge, airy and lit by an ever-changing palette of colours that come from the sky, the ocean, the sun and the rocks. It is located just east of the town of Benagil, in the Algarve region, southern Portugal. Benagil Cave has its own ‘indoor’ magical beach and turquoise sea water, which is a favourite with photographers and tours.

Inside the spectacular cave are two sea-facing holes with a further circular skylight eroded through its ceiling, known as the eye. This gigantic cave is sometimes referred to as the Benagil Cathedral because of the various arches it forms, which, viewed from the outside of the cave, give it the appearance of a cathedral. The imposing aspect of the Cathedral, with its various shades of yellow, is a reminder of the devastating power of nature.

For years, this wonder of nature was formed by wind, waves and water, the rainwater created the top of the cave opening. Entrance is through one of two arches. Unfortunately, it’s not accessible by foot and entry is really only possible by taking one of the Algarve boat trips, kayaking or Stand Up Paddle.

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LocationAlgarve region,
Lagoa, Portugal

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