Confluence of Rhone and Arve

A beautiful geological phenomenon

A unique and incredible phenomena in Geneva, is when two rivers with two different colors meet at a certain point and create an amazing natural occurrence there.

The confluence of the rivers Rhône and Arve is a beautiful marvel of nature that residents of Geneva are treated to when two separate bodies of water meet. The amazing fact is that, there is a contrast of colours between these two rivers – one is blue and the other brown.

The defining contrast is that, the Rhone River is blue and the Arve River is brown. The Rhône River is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. Its waters originate on the slopes of the array ‘Aar Gotthard’ and stem from Lake Geneva ‘Leman.’

The Arve River receives water from the many glaciers of the Chamonix valley (mainly the Mer de Glace) which contains high levels of silt and mud, before flowing north-west into the Rhone on the west side of Geneva, where its much higher level of silt brings forth a striking contrast between the two rivers. It acts as a left tributary of the river Rhone.

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