Crystal Cave of Bermuda

Magnificent subterranean world

One of Bermuda’s most awe-inspiring natural attractions is this hidden underground cave which feature dramatic formations and stunning clear, azure, blue water.

The Crystal Cave with its crystal clear lake, is a spectacular sight to behold. The awe-inspiring site has sparked the imaginations of writers and creators throughout the years, from Mark Twain to the creators of Fraggle Rock. The Crystal Cave is one of Bermuda’s stunning underground natural attractions.

Located in Hamilton Parish on the island of Bermuda, close to Castle Harbor, the Crystal Cave was discovered accidentally in 1907, by two teenagers, who stumbled upon the caves while searching for a lost cricket ball. It is believed, the cave was formed during the Pleistocene Ice Age, about 1.6 million years ago, as a result of rainwater eroding the surrounding limestone.

The cave is about 500 m long, and 62 m deep. The lower 19-20 m of the cave are below water level. The clarity of the crystal-clear pools, makes it possible to see the cave floor. Above are pristine white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws affixed to the roof of the cave. Magnificent passageways highlight the beauty of this underwater lake.

As the oceans froze and sea levels dramatically dropped, water began to seep into the limestone cave, slowly accumulating, crystallizing, and turning into the stunning formations that can be seen today. The American writer, Mark Twain was one of the first to experience this wonder of Mother Nature that has delighted generations of visitors since.

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