Dead Vlei

A Sight To Behold

A surreal place in Namibia, a stunning bizarre landscape with the tallest dune peaks, that makes you feel you are strolling on another alien planet than on Earth.

The Dead Vle,i (mean ‘dead marsh or valley’) is such a foreign-looking place that it’s difficult to describe the enormity and beauty of it. Even in its surreal alien-like appearance, it is known as being the most beautiful ‘dead’ place on Earth.

The dry, desert land of Dead Vlei is located near the more famous salt pan of Sossusvlei, inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park. It is surrounded by a Namib sand dunes, clay pan in the Namb Desert of Namibia.

About 900 years ago, Dead Vlei was once a luscious marsh, with trees, plant life and a flowing river, in the middle of the desert. As the climate changed, drought struck the area and water to the marsh was blocked off by the towering dunes. The harsh climate dried out the acacia trees and instead of decomposing, the desert sun scorched them into blackened bones. Now all that remains are old tree skeletons trapped in a white clay marsh.

The stark contrast between the carbon-black trees, white clay pan floor, set against the deep-red sand dunes and brilliant clear blue sky, create an immensely beautiful visual. Tourists from around the world come to witness this natural wonder.

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