Glass Beach

Historic Recycling

A glittering beach in California is a remarkable result of years of pounding waves wearing down discarded glass into small pieces of polished, multicolored glass.

Glass Beach is a famous stretch of beach which gets its name from abundant of small polished, colorful glass pieces created from years of dumping garbage near the ocean. The incessant work of the sea and the wind corroded the glass meshed with the sand and original pebbles, forming a beach of extraordinary beauty.

Located near Fort Bragg in California in the MacKerricher State Park, the beach spans a shore of more than 15 acres. For many years, up until 1967, the city of Fort Bragg dumped trash, from electrical appliances to bottles and cans over the bluffs right onto its beaches. Over time, the waves broke everything down into colorful pebbles and the beach became a major tourist attraction – now ironically under threat because visitors are taking home the beach glasses.

In 2002, Glass Beach were incorporated into MacKerricher State Park with endless sea of colored sea glass. South of Fort Bragg, is The Sea Glass Museum displaying the history, scientific explanations and stories of glasses found on Glass Beach. In addition the residents of Fort Bragg also celebrate and showcasing work from sea glass artists and jewelers during The Fort Bragg Sea Glass festival during the Memorial Day weekend.

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LocationMacKerricher State Park
Mendocino County,
Fort Bragg

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