J. Paul Getty Museum

Impressive Work of Art

The Getty’s two amazing campuses in California, has the finest collection of changing exhibitions, sculptures and art, from medieval times to the present.

The J. Paul Getty Museum and research center was established by oil tycoon, J. Paul Getty, as a home for his collections of artworks. In 1953, he established the J. Paul Getty Museum Trust – the world’s largest cultural and philanthropic organization dedicated to the visual arts.

The ‘Getty’ comprises two locations in Los Angeles: the Getty Villa and the Getty Center. Together, the Getty Center and the Getty Villa receive millions of visitors a year.

The Getty Villa, situated in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood has a collection and changing exhibitions and display of ancient art,from the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire. The Villa’s has four tranquil gardens, with plants species from ancient Mediterranean and garden designs inspired from ancient Roman.

The Getty Center is in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The collection with changing exhibitions, sculptures and art displays reaches across European and American history — from medieval times to the present. Its Central Garden with tree-lined walkways lead visitors through extraordinary sights, sounds, and scents.

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Location1200 Getty Center Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90049,

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