Lake Bled

Fairytale Destination

One of the most beautiful, picturesque lakes in Europe has a magical island in the middle, with a medieval church and wishing bell and boasting postcard views.

Lake Bled is one of the most recognizable symbol of Slovenia. It is framed by the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. The area is a popular tourist destination.

In the middle of Lake Bled is a magical island, home of the historical Church of the Assumption. The churches main altar, with its rich gold-plated carving, dates back to 1747. The 52 m (171 ft) tower with a Baroque stairway and 99 stone steps leads up to the building. There is the 16th century ‘wishing bell,’ which the Pope decreed that anyone who rings it three times and believes in God will have their wish granted.

The island’s lush greenery features some interesting buildings including: bell-tower, church, chaplain’s house, provost’s house, small hermitage and some mysterious legends. Access to the historical island is by gondola-style boats called ‘pletnas.’

Perched atop a steep cliff, more than 130 metres above the lake, is the iconic Bled Castle, Slovenia’s medieval castle, which is also one of the most visited historic and cultural attractions in Slovenia. Bled castle has a Gothic arch, towers, ramparts and drawbridge across a now filled-in moat, with a terrace offering magnificent views.

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LocationJulian Alps of the Upper Carniolan

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