Loktak Lake

Jewel of Manipur

The world’s only floating lake and floating National Park, is also the largest fresh-water lake in northeast India, speckled by circular phumdis, a unique ecosystem.

The iconic Loktak Lake is a natural treasure and a lifeline of Manipur due to it’s importance in their socio-economic and cultural life. It serves as a source of water for hydro-power generation, irrigation drinking purposes and wildlife. Located at Moirang in Manipur state, Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake in the north-east India.

The picturesque 250-sq-km Loktak Lake is dotted with hundreds of clumps of matted floating vegetation, soil and organic matters called ‘phumdis’. These large circular phumdis resembling miniature islands. Some phumdis are created as fishing ponds, and fishermen build huts on the floating ‘islands’ and paddle about in dugout canoes – a unique sights of this lake.

In the southeastern part of Loktak Lake, covering an area of 40 sq.kilometer, is Keibul Lamjao National Park with floating islands. It has a rich biodiversity with about 230 species of aquatic plants; over 100 species of birds including the Black Eagle and Shaheen Falcon; and 425 species of animals like, the Indian pythons, sambhar and the endangered dancing deer, Sangai, Manipur’s sacred animal.

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LocationLoktak Lake
Keibul Lamjao National Park

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