Museo Atlantico Lanzarote

Fascinating Underwater Art Museum

Europe’s first submarine museum is an amazing sub-aquatic underwater world featuring a collection of immersed sculptures, artificial reefs and botanical garden.

Museo Atlántico is the first underwater art museum in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. The installations is about 14 metres beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean in Bahía de Las Coloradas (Coloradas Bay), on the south coast of Lanzarote, Spain. It is situated within Lanzarote’s UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and is accessible to divers and snorkelers.

Created by British artist, Jason deCairesTaylor, Museo Atlántico feature more than 300 impressive sculptures. It is part of an artificial reef designed to foster the reproduction of local species of fish and plant, as well as create a habitat for marine life. It features a collection of sub-aquatic statues including: human sculptures, refugees, local residents, a sunken botanical garden, and the Rubicon, a group of 35 human figures walking towards a wall.

Divers are able to explore this unique underwater gallery, and visitors can view it from glass-bottom boats. Initially, it is was a place to promote education, preserve and protect the marine and natural environment as an integral part of the human values.

Taylor’s works contribute to improving environmental awareness while at the same time offering the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the fascinating underwater world.

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LocationCalle Castillo del Aguila
35580 Playa Blanca
South Coast of Lanzarote


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