National Museum of Natural History

One Of The Worlds Most Famous Instituions

On of the world natural history museum, dedicated to discovery and education of the natural world, with millions of natural specimens and cultural artifacts.

The National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) is administered by the Smithsonian Institution and is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C in the United States and is one of the most visited natural history museums in the world.

Established in 1910, the museums green dome and immense size (comparable to 18 football fields) are key signatures. The museum also holds a collection of over 126 million natural science specimens and cultural artifacts that have been studied and well documented. It maintains and preserves the world’s most extensive collection of human artifacts and natural history specimens, including the remains of dinosaurs and tools used by early man.

Highlights include the 45.5-carat Hope Diamond, Hall of Mammals, Ocean Hall, Hall of Human Origins, Insect Zoo, dinosaurs, and the magnificent African bush elephant in the museum’s rotunda. The Butterfly Pavilion features hundreds of live butterflies, and the Johnson IMAX Theater shows films daily.

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