Red Beach

Panjin Striking Landscape

China’s incredible beach is in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world, which transforms into crimson-red in autumn, making it a spectacular sight.

Red Beach is famous for its fascinating red landscape featuring the red plant of Sueda seaweed. Located in Dawa County, about 18 miles southwest of Panjin City, northeast province of Liaoning, China, Red Beach has become a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

The striking beach is not a sandy beach, but a reed-covered wetland in one of the world’s largest reed marsh areas, the Liaohe River Delta. Red Beach turning crimson-red in autumn is a natural phenomena, brought about by the Sueda seaweed plant, one of the few plants that can live in highly saline-alkali soil. During summer the plant stays green, but gradually turns red when autumn approaches transforming the beach into an infinite red carpet.

It also hosts the most completed ecosystem and the area has become home to more than 260 species of birds and 400 species of wildlife, including, the endangered red-crown cranes and black beaked gulls, which is why the area is called ‘home of the cranes’.

To ensure the ecosystem is not damaged by too much human activity, only a small section of the beach is open to visitors.

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LocationLiaohe River delta, Dawa County
province of Liaoning

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