Ruby Falls

Magnificent wonder

A true marvel, America’s tallest and deepest commercial cave with its incredible underground waterfall, is illuminated by multicolored lights on Lookout Mountain.

Ruby Falls is one of the incredible cave waterfalls on earth. Located 1,120 feet underground, beneath Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, it features enormous rock formation cavern the tallest and deepest cave waterfall. It’s amazing views from atop of Lookout Mountain makes it a popular attraction.

The geological cave features stalactites and stalagmites, with an underground waterfall falling 145 ft in a huge vertical shaft. After reaching the bottom of the chamber, the collected rainwater and spring water passes through the mountain, eventually joining the Tennessee River at the base of Lookout Mountain.

In 1928, it was accidentally discovered by Leo Lambert, who was looking for an alternate tourist entrance to the Lookout Mountain Cave. When Lambert and his exploration party discovered it, they were awestruck by the beauty of the hidden cave and waterfall and quickly named the waterfall after his wife Ruby.

In 1930, the Ruby Falls Cave featuring electric lights, was opened to the public. The limestone entrance, modeled after a 15th century Irish castle, was touted the ‘world’s most magnificent cave entrance’. The attraction also boasts a lookout tower, a playground and a zip-lining adventure. In 1975, an alternative exit was built.

The larger Lookout Mountain Caverns complex and Ruby Falls, have been designated a National Historic Landmark. It is often associated with the nearby Rock City attraction, which lies atop Lookout Mountain.

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