The Appennine Colossus

Giant Personification of nature

Within a park, just north of Florence sits a gigantic 16th century Italian sculpture which hides various wonderful secrets that can make this colossus come to life.

The Appennine Colossus is arguably the most spectacular feature of the gardens of Villa Medici at Pratolino, now part of Villa Demidoff, located about 7 miles north of Florence, Italy.

The stunning sculpture set in front of a big pond in a former Medici estate, serves as the perfect setting for the gentle giant. The 35 feet (10.6 m) tall sculpture – that includes a cylinder beard – carved out of local rock by Italian sculptor, Giambologna (born Jean Boulogne) around 1579, is a symbol of Italy’s rugged Appennine mountains.

To add to its marvel, the sculpture’s interior is intricately carved, carefully planned and hides several rooms with different functions that made this colossus come to life. Within the statue are – countless caves, water cascades and ravaged by time mechanical, hydraulic and acoustic devices intended to amuse and impress any visitor of the park. To date, these passages square measure are lined with shells, corals, pearls and crystals.

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LocationGardens of Villa di Pratolino

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