The Black Forest

Jewel of SouthWest Germany

A beautiful region with dense, dark, atmospheric forest and lakes, and home of cuckoo clocks, the Grimm Brothers’fairy tales, picturesque villages and spas.

The Black Forest or Schwarzwald, is a region of stunning natural beauty, of wooded hills, rolling meadows, charming towns and villages and thermal spas. Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany, it is a popular tourist destination.

The region’s top attractions include: the Triberg Falls; the pristine Lake Titisee and Lake Schluchsee with a range of activities – from sailing and windsurfing to rowing and canoeing. It is also popular with hikers and bikers. The Black Forest is Germany’s oldest ski area and Europa-Park in Rust, is Germany’s largest theme park.

The picturesque town of Freiburg, is home to a university, Gothic cathedral and vineyards; Titisee and Baden-Baden are renowned for its thermal Spas; and Pforzheim is a gateway to the Black Forest, home of the Jewelry Museum.

The Black Forest Museum (Schwarzwaldmuseum) in Triberg, reveals the unique lifestyles and traditions of the region. For those who are cuckoo for cuckoo clocks, visit Schonach, home of the worlds largest cuckoo clock. Both the Furtwangen’s German Clock Museum and Gutach’s Open-Air Museum has the history of the Black Forest region.

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LocationBlack Forest region
State of Baden-Württemberg
southwest Germany.

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