Tunnel of Love

Romantic Natural Arch

The phenomenal verdant tunnel in the Ukraine, is a section of a private railway track transformed by surrounding trees into an enchanting, green arch tunnel.

The ‘Tunnel of Love also called the Green Mile Tunnel, is a beautiful spot near Klevan city in the Ukraine. It is renowned for the bright leafy branches that arch over the railway track making it, one of the most photographed site in Ukraine.

The train track, which is three to five kilometers, was initially used in the Cold War to transport military equipment to a nearby secret military base, and the trees were planted beside the track to provide ample coverage so the operation would remain secret.

For the past several years, trains have been passing for the purpose of delivering wood to a factory that produces plywood for the West European market. This has molded the trees lines and turned a luscious woodland into an appealing passageway. The natural light that penetrates through the trees gives an ethereal look.

The tunnel is at its lushest during the spring and summer when the trees are at the peak of their leafiness. The Tunnel is a popular among couples – a romantic place for lovers to make a wish. Local legend has it that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted a wish, provided their intentions are sincere.

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LocationEastern Ukraine

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