Wave Rock

Geological Wonder

A magnificent, wave-shaped natural rock formation in Australia with a variety of striking geological features, has fascinated geologists and visitors for years.

One of Australia’s biggest waves is also the furthest from any ocean – the amazing Wave Rock rises 15 metres above the outback plain. It is located about 3 km east of Hyden town, and 340 km southeast of Perth, Western Australia.

This 110-metre long multi-coloured granite cliff is shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave. It forms the north side of a solitary hill known as ‘Hyden Rock’ and is the part of a 160-hectare nature reserve, Hyden Wildlife Park. In 1960, crystals from Hyden Rock were dated at being 2700 million years old, which are among the oldest in Australia.

Wave Rock comprises of vertical strands of different shades of granite. Its rounded-like shape is the result of weathering and water erosion. Water from the springs flowing down the rock in wetter months, dissolves minerals adding to the coloring of the wave.

The area, is home to over 40 species of birds and sunset is a good time to see them. In the spring, abundance of orchids, wildflowers and other flowers adorn it. The area also include: a coffee shop, a wildlife park, a replica Pioneer Town and a Wildflower Shop.

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