Yehliu GeoparkAmazing Rock Formations

One Of Taiwan’s Natural Wonders is its Geological Park with its unique and amazing rock landscape, created by geological processes over many millennia.

Yehliu Geological Park resides within a cape 1.7 km long area and is home to some of the most unique eroded rock formations found only in Yehliu and nowhere else in the world. Located on the north coast of Taiwan, between the cities of Taipei and Keelung, the Geopark is a wonderland, very popular with tourists, both international and domestic.

The Geological Park has some of the most remarkable natural rock formations and geological features. Over the years, erosion from a combination of seawater, wave, rock weathering, earth movement and crustal movement all contribute to the formation of such a rare and stunning geological landscape that seems otherworldly.

Some unusual rock formations has been given names based on their shapes and their resemblance to certain objects. Famous is the ‘Queen’s Head,’ an iconic piece of rock shaped by nature resembling the head of a woman. Other formations include: ‘the Sea Candles’, ‘Dragon’s Head,’ ‘Fairy Shoe’, ‘the Beehive,’ ‘the Ginger Rocks’ and more. The Park is also home to birds such as, ospreys and little egrets.

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