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Alberobello Traditional architecture
A tiny town in Italy is famous for its unique trulli, whitewashed limestone small dwellings with characteristic conical roofs, dotting the hilltop Rione Monti district....
Egyptian Museum Extensive Ancient Treasures
Cairo's Museum house some of the most amazing and important collections of Egyptian artifacts, Pharaonic antiquities and glittering treasures of Tutankhamun....
Longyou Caves Magnificent Architecture
The mysterious underground grottoes located in China are one of the largest excavations discovered of ancient times and continue to be an enduring mystery....
Kailasa Temple An engineering marvel
India's enigmatic Temple, carved from a single solid rock is one of the most remarkable cave temples, for its size, architecture and sculptural treatment....
La Sagrada Familia An Awe-inspiring Masterpiece
The iconic Basilica in Barcelona is an architectural masterpiece, with fascinating interior, expansive dimensions and lush design, an awe inspiring attraction....
Taj Mahal A Symbol of Eternal Love
The exquisite, ivory-white marble structure, in India is considered the epitome of Mughai art and architecture, an admired masterpiece of the world’s heritage....
Yehliu Geopark Amazing Rock Formations
One of Taiwan’s natural wonders is its Geological Park which features unique and amazing rock landscape, created by geological processes over many millennia....
Danakil Depression Hottest Place on Earth
The remote, vast desert plain in the Afar region of Ethiopia, is referred to as ‘the gateway to hell,’ due to its dry, fiery, scorching temperature environment....
The Crooked Forest Mysterious Protected Trees
A captivating grove of strange-shaped trees, surrounded by a forest of straight growing pine trees, has for years, still a much-discussed topic of speculation....
Hitachi Seaside Park Stunning Floral Wonderland
One of the most spectacular natural displays on earth. Japan's huge spacious park is home to a variety of colorful flowers and grasses and numerous other attractions....
Glass Slipper Church A blue architectural marvel
Visually stunning, a church shaped like a high-heeled shoe is certified by the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest high-heel shoe-shaped structure....
The Eiffel Tower France's Famous Iron Lady
This world-renowned, iconic, landmark tower in Paris, is one of the world's greatest engineering marvel, which offers panoramic views of the city of love....
River of Five Colors National Technicolor Treasure
In the Colombian landscape is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, a spectacular natural wonder with vibrant, multi-colors and pristine waterfalls....
Li River Natural Pearl of China
Surrounded by spectacular scenery and traditional culture, China’s famous river is hailed as having one of the world’s largest and most beautiful karst landscapes....
Te Papa Tongarewa Unique National Treasures
The National Museum of New Zealand features amazing and unique exhibitions, displays, arts, treasures, as well as the country’s cultures, heritage and history....
Vaadhoo Island Amazing Sea of Stars
A natural phenomenon of incredible glittering sea shores has planted this Maldives Island on the global map, attracting visitors to the sight at night....
Longjing Tea Fields Imperial Green Queen Tea
The finest, most prized and expensive tea in China, is the ‘dragon well green tea’ due to its exquisite quality, strong fragrance and sweet refreshing flavour....
Batu Caves Iconic Hindu Site
Malaysia’s national treasure guarded by a monumental statue of Hindu deity, Lord Murugan is a limestone hill comprising three major caves and smaller caves....
Lavender Fields Magnificent Fragrant scenery
The vast lavender fields of Provence, is just breathtaking, with varied shades of blue and violet, a spectacular picture that stretches as far as the eye can see....
Mu Cang Chai Magnificent Ricefields
One of the most awe-inspiring sight in northern Vietnam, is the picturesque scenery of terraced rice fields in the mountainous district of Yen Bali province....
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Ludwig Van Beethoven Great Composer and Pianist
A Germany composer, pianist and conductor, one of the most significant and influential figures in the history of classical music, known for his Symphonies....
Spotted Lake Natural Medicine Lake
The magical lake in Canada, is transformed into a fascinating polka-dotted landscape of yellow, green and blue spots, due to composition of minerals....
New Year in Edinburgh Lively Hogmanay celebrations
Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is celebrated with fantastic style, as Scottish New Year is welcomed with torch procession, parties, music, fireworks and traditional customs....
Cape Town The Mother City
South Africa’s port city, situated beneath the imposing Table Mountain, has a rich cultural heritage, outstanding scenery and fascinating tourist attractions....
The Fat Duck Multi-sensory Dining
The Michelin-star experimental restaurants with modern British culinary, has acquired a reputation for precision, theatrical and innovative style of cuisine....
Bizarre Ancient Stories That Turned Out To Be True
There are many incredible stories that sounds so bizarre that we wonder if they are made up, but when checked, they are totally unexplainable true stories....
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