Pearl of the Caribbean

A captivating, island nation in the Caribbean, with a fascinating history, culture and heritage, featuring sugar-white beaches, salsa music and tobacco fields.

The Republic of Cuba is the largest of all islands in the Caribbean, which includes more than 4000 other much smaller islands and cays. It is a nation under communist rule. Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the country from the air, resembles a crocodile so Cuba is often referred to in Spanish as ‘El Cocodrilo’ or ‘El Caimá’.

Cuba also abounds in natural beauty. It boasts of stunning coastline with palm trees, tranquil waters, lush countryside, rivers and waterfalls, and sweeping vistas of sugar cane and dotted tobacco plantations. The music of Cuba is world famous, and live salsa music, rumba and bolero, is a common occurrence in many bars and clubs.

To visit the capital, Havana, is being transported back in time. The canyon-like streets are filled with sleek 1950’s American cars, breathtaking cathedral and Spanish colonial architecture. It also has the Tropicana Club, a cigar factory, and the Havana Club Rum factory.

With Cuba’s history and beauty, delicious Cuban cuisine, entertainments, as well as superb diving and fishing, the country offers a depth and diversity few Caribbean islands can rival.

DetailsLanguage:   Spanish, Castilian
Population:   11.5 million
Capital:   Havana
Currency:   Cuban peso (CUP), Cuban convertible peso (CUC)

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