Neuschwanstein CastleFairy-tale king Stone castle

The world’s most magnificent castle built by the ‘fairy-tale’ King Ludwig II Of Bavaria, is rumored to to be the real-life inspiration for Disneyland’s castles.

The iconic Neuschwanstein Castle sits high in the Alpine foothills of Germany. above the village of Hohenschwangau, in southwest Bavaria. The dazzling Neuschwanstein palace is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe..

The 19th-century Romanesque Revival Castle was commissioned by the “fairy-tale” King Ludwig II of Bavaria, as his retreat and in honour of Richard Wagner whose music dramas and writings fascinated him. Neuschwanstein stands on the site of two ruined smaller castles that were cleared away. In 1869, construction began for Neuschwanstein Castle.

With its white limestone façade and deep blue turrets, Neuschwanstein Castle embodies both the contemporaneous architectural fashion known as castle romanticism (German: Burgenromantik), and Ludwig II’s immoderate enthusiasm for the operas of Richard Wagner.

Despite Ludwig’s grand plans, only 14 rooms of the Neuschwanstein Castle are currently finished — and on view for visitors. On the guided tour of the castle’s interior, visitors have access to the cave-like grotto, the king’s bedroom, and the Singer’s Hall, and other lavish rooms. Neuschwanstein Castle, is rumored to be the real-life inspiration for the castle in the Disney classic, ‘Cinderella’, released in 1950 and ‘the Sleeping Beauty’s castle’ in Disneyland. The resemblance, after all, is striking.

Neuschwanstein castle was intended as a home for King Ludwig II, but he died in 1886. Within weeks of his sudden and mysterious death, the magnificent castle was opened to the public, where it quickly became one of the region’s most visited attractions.

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