Rock of Polynesia

A small, secluded ecotourism island paradise, with limestone cliffs, coral reefs, water-sports, entertainments, tropical vegetation and natural unspoiled beauty.

The small Pacific Island of Niue, is like no other, one of the smallest independent countries, and one of the largest raised coral atolls on earth. It is located northeast of New Zealand, east of Tonga, south of Samoa.

Niue is affectionately knows as the ‘Rock of Polynesia’ because the 269 square kilometer land mass is surrounded by 20 meter cliffs and a coral reef that gives way to ocean so deep you can almost deep-sea fish from shore. There are huge pools in the reef, sea caves, naturally formed Talava Arches, Avaiki limestone caves, cathedral-like cove of Matapa Chasm, and Limu’s large, natural pools which have been a favourite swimming hole.

The island is a natural adventure ground with dazzling array of marine life such as, humpback whales and dolphins with world-class diving kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and caving. The Huvalu Forest Conservation Area, offers several excellent hiking trails through fossilized coral forests which lead to the Togo and Vaikona chasms.

Alofi, is the capital of Niue, which is a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand. The island offers a range of accommodation, cliff-top cafes and restaurants. It also hosts fishing tournaments and annual village show which highlights the culture, food, performances, games and activities of this small island of Niue.

DetailsLanguage:   Niuean and English
Population:   1,624 (2018)
Capital:   Alofi
Currency:   New Zealand dollar

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