Purple Islands

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Drenched in purple, two South Korean farming communities have reinvented itself by transforming their small islands into unique attractive tourist destinations.luring tourists with its new lilac purple hue

‘The Purple Islands’ are the nicknames given to two tiny islands – Banwol and Bakji connected by a purple bridge in the Shinan County of South Korea. These two remote islands are luring tourists with its new lilac purple buildings, telephone booths, bridges and even roads.

The colour scheme was part of a 2015 Government tourism initiative to ‘create attractive island destinations’ and was inspired by the native purple bellflowers, known as campanula. The residents of the tiny, tranquil islands painted their homes in shades of the hue, and planted purple flowers such as lavender and asters, thus transforming their towns into a unique tourist attraction.

Surrounded by greenish-blue seawater and hills of greenery, visitors can walk the three footbridges and the larger bridge which connects Banwol Island to neighbouring Bakji Island in the same distinctly lavender hue. The tiny islands have a about a hundred and fifty residents with many often don head-to-toe in purple outfits.

Located about six hours by car or bus from Seoul, the Purple Island has amenities which include: a hotel, cafe, and a bike hire shop, as well as restaurants which serves dishes on purple plates such as purple rice. An entrance fee is charged to visitors to the islands, but this is waived for those wearing purple.

DetailsLanguage:   Korean
Population:   150
Currency:   South Korean won

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