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Santorini Magical Island
Recognizable around the world, this precious gem of the Aegean Sea, is famous for its multicolored cliffs, whitewashed buildings, and romantic sunsets....
Turkey A Cultural Wonder
A historical nation with a diverse culture and ancient traditions, amazing iconic archaeological sites, traditional art, stunning scenery and fascinating attractions....
Hong Kong Pearl of the Orient
A vibrant city, with a remarkable history, impressive skyline, Asia's top culinary and luxury shopping capital with a fusion of eastern and western cultures....
Tonga Friendly Island
A tropical island with authentic culture, featuring gorgeous beaches and azure waters, natural landscapes, pristine rain-forests and fascinating marine life....
Switzerland Global Wealthy
Set against the backdrop of the Alps, this European country has stunning natural beauty, glittering lakes, charming villages, ski resorts and hiking trails....
Niue Rock of Polynesia
A small, secluded ecotourism island paradise, with limestone cliffs, coral reefs, water-sports, entertainments, tropical vegetation and natural unspoiled beauty....
Costa Rica Pure vida - Pure Life
The country is a natural lovers’ and adventurer’s paradise, renowned for its lush rainforests, tropical beaches, mountain ranges, volcanoes and wildlife....
New Caledonia Land of Eternal Spring
A tropical Parisian paradise with natural beauty, amazing landscapes, dazzling lagoon, coral reefs, marine life, stunning beaches, waterfalls, fauna and flora....
San Francisco City by Sparkling Bay
This popular city in northern California, is renowned for its steep rolling hills, cable cars, colorful Victorian houses, and the iconic, Golden Gate Bridge....
Marrakesh Exotic Red City
An enchanting city, the heart beat of Morocco and home to architectural and historical sites, thriving marketplaces, medieval Medina and beautiful gardens....
Thailand Exotic Treasures
An exotic, Asian kingdom with breathtaking natural sights, cultural and historical treasures, glittering temples, tropical beaches, and impressive floating markets....
Miami Magic City
This seaport city is blessed with natural beauty, gorgeous beaches and sunsets, with great art scene, art-deco buildings, shopping, entertainments and nightlife....
Saint Lucia Helen of the West Indies
The tropical, lush Caribbean island is blessed with cultural riches, stunning white beaches, rain forest, reef-diving sites, waterfalls and natural beauty....
Tanzania Impressive Wonders
A unique East African country, with a rich culture and traditions. It has a vast wilderness areas, national parks, games, wildlife, and a popular safari mecca....
Sicily Pearl of Italy
The captivating Italian island continues to seduce travelers, with its rich history and cultural treasures, amazing diversity of landscapes and tourist attractions....
Amsterdam Venice of the North
Netherland’s capital, is one of the beautiful cities in Europe, known for artistic heritage, world-famous museums, magnificent canals, waterways and tulips....
Cappadocia Turkish Delight
A historical region of Turkey with exceptional natural wonders, characterized by volcanic fairy chimneys, underground cities, churches, and hot air ballooning....
Samoa Treasure Island
The ‘Cradle of Polynesia’ in the Pacific, is blessed with natural beauty, rich history and culture, lush vegetation, blowholes, stunning beaches and waterfalls....
Malibu Beach City
This popular Californian beach city, is known for its celebrity homes, stunning beaches, surfing spots, rugged landscape, numerous parks, and hiking trails....
Bagan Large Temple Capital
One of the world’s greatest archaeological sites with Buddhist monuments, is Myanmar's ancient city, home to a great sight to rival Cambodia’s Angkor Wat....

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Florence Nightingale The Lady with the Lamp
A British nurse, social reformer and statistician, the founder of modern nursing, instrumental in raising nursing standards and worldwide health care reform....
Bora Bora Jewel of the South Seas
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Potala Palace Place of Peace and Power
The amazing palace is the highest ancient palace in the world and a tribute to Tibetan magnificent architecture. It is a sacred place of spiritual pilgrimage....

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