Jinju Lantern FestivalMemorable and Spectacular

Vibrant, lit lanterns of various shapes, sizes and colours line up the Nam River for a stunning water display in the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival in Korea.

The Jinju Lantern Festival or Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival is the most famous of lantern festivals held in South Korea. It is one of South Korea’s biggest annual events with thousands of people flock to the city of Jinju to witness the Namgan River come to life.

The traditional Korean festivals, held in October for about ten days, transforms the city of Jinju-si, into a city of light, featuring impressive and creative lanterns displays with various themes. The festival is not only a beautiful exhibition of floating lanterns with variously shapes and multi-colors,.

For the Koreans, the festival is meaningful, for it goes back to 1592, the year of a Japanese invasion. The people of Jinju used lanterns as a means of communication with those outside the Jinjuseong Fortress, military forces and between family members that appeared to be on different bands of the Namgang River. Today, the lanterns are lit to honor thousands of Korean warriors who sacrificed their lives for the sake of a free motherland.

The event has become a memorable lantern festival with entertainments, fireworks, stunning water displays, authentic food and handcrafted ornaments. This historic event attracts locals and visitors alike, and encourages different cultures to be united together in the festival, as part of Korea’s effort in globalization.

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LocationNamgan River

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