Songkran Festival

Traditional Thai New Year

Thailand’s most famous festival, also marks Thai’s New Year’s national holiday, celebrated with processions, cultural performances, temple rituals and water fights.

The annual Songkran Festival is one of Thailand’s most important festival, with rich celebration of symbolic traditions. It is very popular with visitors and many specifically arrange their holidays around this unique event.

Known also as the ‘Water Festival’ because water is used as a ritual of washing away negativity from the year before. The traditional pouring of water, symbolizes washing away bad luck and sins from a person’s life. The fun part is crowds of people throwing buckets of water or using water pistols to soak anyone in the vicinity. There are also live music, traditional performances and tempting array of authentic foods.

Traditional, the first day of the festival begins with processions of Buddha images. Buddhist families rise early and take part in traditional Buddhist rituals and visits to the temples. Water is poured on Buddha images and on the hands of Buddhist monks as a mark of respect. Appreciation of family, especially older relatives is another important aspect of the festival.

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LocationSongkran Festival
Chaing Mai & Bangkok – Thailand

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