Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions asked about our tools and services.

What is a Show?

Each Show you create is a private web page. A blank canvas to help you connect with a private audience and share something special.

What can I share?

Shows are perfect for personal and professional use. You can share messages, videos, images, guestbooks and more.

What's so special about Shows?

Shows are private and password protected, so they are perfect for sharing personal and professional content online with one person or many.

How do I create a new Show?

Simply login or choose a membership and sign up to access your account. Then choose Create from the menu to make a new Show.

How do I unlock more Shows?

Upgrade your membership to unlock up to 8 Shows for professional and personal sharing.

How many Shows can I share?

You can share unlimited times! Upgrade your membership to unlock even more Shows for unlimited sharing.

Who can see my Shows?

Only those you share the link and password with can access your Show.

How do I update my Shows?

All Shows you create are managed from you Collection. You can edit, update and delete your Shows anytime you like.

How private are my Shows?

All Shows you create require a private link and password to access. All content is only visible to your audience only while they are logged in to your Show with all links to content locked once they are logged out.

Can I cancel a membership upgrade?

Yes absolutely! You can cancel any paid membership at any time and switch back to the free Show membership.

How do payments work?

Our membership fees are processed monthly via credit card from the date you sign up. Payments are in US($) dollars and charged at the current exchange rate.

What is my Collection?

All Shows you create are stored and managed from your collections page. You can edit, update and delete your Shows at any time.

What is my Profile?

Visit your profile page to add your name, image and message. You change your identity anytime you like!

What is my Guestbook?

Visit your guestbook to manage all your guest comments and approve, remove or mark any comments as spam.

Is my info sold or shared with advertisers?

Not at all. We do not share or sell any information to anyone.

What am I allowed to share?

You can share anything you follow our membership rules for sharing. You can learn more about this in our terms and conditions.

How do I delete visitor comments on my Shows?

You can turn off the guestbook by editing the Show or visit your guestbook manager to delete the message.

What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload all standard images and animated gif file formats. However, we support video uploads in mp4 format only.


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