Asador Etxebarri

Wood grilled cuisine

A global acclaimed Spanish restaurant in an exquisite rural setting, creates artful, fresh dishes masterfully grilled to perfection with premier Basque ingredients.

Asador Etxebarri is a Michelin-star restaurant headed by chef Victor Arguinzoniz who has a remarkable ability to coax out explosive flavour from seemingly simple ingredients, most of which are grilled over an open hearth. It is situated in a peaceful surroundings, near Mount Anboto in Spain’s Atxondo valley.

The rural Basque restaurant dishes are relatively simple, relying on the super-fresh ingredients from the restaurant’s garden, which are masterful cooked on various charcoal grills. All courses, even dessert, have the taste of fire. The choice can be an a-la-carte menu featuring lots of seafood and one beef dish; or a 15-course tasting menu. The simplest plates – home-made chorizo, salted anchovy on toast, giant Palamos prawns, the legendary beef chop, are also the most outstanding.

Despite its world-renowned status, Etxebarri restaurant is simple – boarding on austere – second-floor, stone-adorned dining room that’s totally unpretentious. The décor reflecting the rustic nature of the surroundings but mixed with elements of contemporary art. Etxebarri’s ground floor houses a basic bar that also doubles as the village pub.

DetailsDress: Casual
Reservation: Recommended
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LocationSan Juan Plaza,
48291 Atxondo, Bizkaia,

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