A La Vegetable Mastery

A three Michelin-star restaurant that is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, serves exquisite vegetable cuisine for a truly unique fine-dining experience.

L’Arpege is a renowned restaurant in Paris owned by chef Alain Passard, who named it so to pay tribute to music, his second passion and decorated the restaurant in an Art Deco style.

A master on the rotisserie, Chef Passard creates a French fine-dining cuisine ‘À la vegetable’ offering a palette of flavors renewing itself through the course of the seasons. Alain Passard earned his third Michelin-star in 1996 and has held onto them ever since—even after adopting a plant-centric menu in 2001.

Since removing red meat from his menu, Passard has been revolutionizing French cooking for years by bringing vegetables from their traditional role as supporting actors for meat and fish into the spotlight as stars in their own right. From multi-colored vegetable ravioli and monarch celeriac tagliatelle to vegetable purple tartare and leek with oysters, L’Arpege’s specialties are as varied as they are exquisite.

Chef Passard bought three plot of biodynamic farms outside of Paris which supplies fresh organically grown vegetables to Arpege on a daily basis, The season’s farm fresh produce are placed on every table but they come alive thanks to the masterful artistry of chef Passard in his kitchen.

L’Arpege serves meat and fish, but chef Passard’s true talent lies in his vegetable mastery. Dishes at L’Arpege are simple, but elegant – the highest quality of pristine produce cooked to perfection and complemented by a flawless flow of oils and spices, all presented as a work of art on each plate. Dining at L’Arpege is a truly unforgettable experience.

DetailsDress: Casual Elegant
Reservation: Recommended
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Location84 Rue de Varenne, 75007

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