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Thieves Who Stole A Curse

There are many stories about stolen artifacts and relics that have affected the lives of those who stole them. Here are some of the strangest ones.

While most history buffs and art enthusiasts view antique objects and artifacts to be exquisite enough to be collected, be warned, some may appear harmless at first glance, but in reality, they may carry an ancient, deadly curse.

Even the most sober archaeologist may tell you that some ancient relics and artifacts seem to have a decidedly non-scientific ability to object vehemently to being stolen.

Here are 13 historical artifacts and relics that objected to their theft.

13. Orlov Eye Of Brahma

The famous Black Orlov Diamond, called 'The Eye of Brahma' legend has it that this magnificent gem was originally the eye of Lord Brahma in an ancient Indian temple. That was until a monk decided to steal it for material gains, totally unaware of the jewel’s mystical power.

The jewel made its way to the Russian princess, Nadia Orlov, who then sold it to a diamond merchant. Each of its owner suffered a terrible misfortune. The jewel had to be cut into 3 parts to break the curse.

12. Delhi Purple Sapphire

The Delhi Purple Sapphire, was initially stolen by an English soldier from the mystical Indira Temple in Kanpur. Since that time, any person who inherited the Sapphire also inherited its curse. The man who stole it soon suffered from medical ailments before he passed it on to a family friend, who you also fell ill.

The last owner, Edward Heron-Allen believed that the stone was cursed and 'stained with the blood, and the dishonor of everyone who has ever owned it.' He kept it in seven boxes surrounded with lucky charms. After Heron-Allen died, his daughter donated the stone to the Natural History Museum along with a written accursed history and warning.

11. The Hope Diamond

The deep blue Hope Diamond was once a ornament to the ancient Sita statue in India, and had no mercy for those who displaced it from its original source. It was first stolen by Jean Baptiste-Tavernier, the man who was soon attacked by wolves while going through Russia.

Though the diamond made its way to King Louis the 14th, he too couldn’t hide from the diamond’s curse and sadly died due to gangrene. Marie Antoinette and her cousin were owners of the cursed Indian jewel but later both were killed at the hands of a furious mob.

10. Egyptian carving

A German handed a package containing part of a Pharaonic carving to Egypt’s embassy in Berlin, with a note saying his stepfather had suffered a 'curse of the Pharaohs' for stealing it. The note said the man felt obliged to return 'the carving' to make amends for his late stepfather actions to enable his soul to rest in peace.

Apparently the stepfather had stolen the piece while on a visit to Egypt in 2004 and after returning to Germany had suffered paralysis, nausea, unexplained fevers and cancer before dying.

9. Vigango Wood Carvings

The Vigango wood carvings bear misfortunes to not those who steal them, but to those who it originally belonged to, like the Gohu Tribes of Kenya. The wood carvings are to honor the dead and are thought to contain the soul of the deceased. Vigango are highly valued in the West.

Since Kenyans do not sell these sacred sculptures, sometimes they are stolen. When a few of the carvings went missing in 1999, the tribe saw the worst draught, starvation and death in history. After several years of unhappiness the statue was returned to the tribe.

8. Ring Of Senicianus

Believe it or not, there’s actually an ancient gold ring out there, complete with it’s own inscription and curse. The earliest mention of the ring is found in ancient Roman tablets, where a man named, Silvianus is recorded as informing the gods about a ring that has been stolen.

It goes as far as saying that whoever stole the ring would be condemned to misfortunes and destruction until it is returned to its original and righteous owner. This ring is considered to be the inspiration for the fantasy novel, Lord of the Rings.

7. Pompeian Relics

According to legend, Pompeii was cursed by the gods after some holy sites were destroyed by Roman legionnaires, and anyone who tries to steal anything from Pompeii will be doomed to a life of misery, for the gods destroyed the entire place due to people’s rebellion to gods.

Pompeii’s archaeological superintendent, Massimo Osanna, receives 100 packages a year containing everything from mosaic tiles to pieces of frescoes to intact statues, nearly all with explanatory letters of hardship encountered since stealing the items. A Spanish tourist sent back several packages of stolen items, saying that the ancient material had brought a “curse on his entire family”.

6. The Gettysburg Battlefield items

Similar to the Virginia City Cemetery curse, the Gettysburg battlefield had a similar story and a similar horrifying fate for those who dared to take anything from the property. Gettysburg park receives dozens of packages every year containing twigs, rocks, and other ‘souvenirs’ stolen from the former battle site, all containing letters lamenting a curse. These people then claimed to have suffered from financial loss, death of loved ones and continuous misery.

5. Maori Tribe Artifacts

The case of the stolen Maori Tribe artifacts were solved not by the police or government, but by the curse of the articles themselves. Displayed at Clendon House in Rawene, was a highly-prized artifact, a whalebone whip handle gifted by Clendon.

One sticky-fingered visitor was not aware that 'with all artefacts strongly connected to Maoridom, removing them or ill-treated carry an automatic tapu or curse.' Less than a month later, the whalebone whip handle was returned with a note saying, "Take the damn thing it brings a solid disaster."

4. Arizona Petrified Wood

Arizona was once a lush green wetland with indigenous flora & fauna and Arizona National Park had a stockpile of petrified wood known as the 'conscience pile'. Collecting these petrified wood on park grounds was strictly prohibited.

Over 1200 letters discovered around the area were written by the thieves who had stolen some. They describe in great detail, the misfortunes that befell them after they stole them, ranging from financial loss to death.

3. Native American Artifacts Of Blanding

In 1905, Mormon settled in the town of Blanding, Utah which was known for its abundance of Anasazi artefacts. In 1960s, many of its residents became avid collectors and sellers, but they started looting and desecrating, using heavy machinery to dig deeper for artefacts.

In 2009, after an FBI raid some of the prominent citizens were arrested for the stolen antiquities, including the brother of the local sheriff and the local doctor, Jim Redd. Sadly, Redd committed suicide the next day, and months later two other people involved.

2. Virginia City Cemetery Headstones

Built in 1867, the cemetery at the old Nevada mining town of Virginia City has seen many of its headstones go missing since it was reopened in 2000. The locals were astonished at the theft, but when even more so, when the thieves started to return the headstones.

Without exception, they all said since they stole the headstones, misfortunes started rolling happen to them ranging from financial woes to divorce and death. Thieves hoped that returning the headstones would reverse the curse.

1. Ballista Balls

The Ballista Balls, are an amazing archaeological sight located at the border of Syria and Israel. The balls are thought to date back to a time when Romans attacked the city of Gamla, where 9000 residents killed themselves in an attempt to avoid capture. A man stole one of the balls in 1995 and didn’t return them until 2005, with a note that the balls brought nothing but trouble for him. He even advised others not to even touch them.

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