Bizarre Ancient Stories

That Turned Out To Be True

There are many incredible stories that sounds so bizarre that we wonder if they are made up, but when checked, they are totally unexplainable true stories.

There are some incredible stories or what some call it, ‘meaningful coincidences’ that seems so impossible that we immediately think that they are totally false, but as we check them out …they are totally true!

Check out these 10 strange, unexplained true stories.

10. Fiery Persecution

Canneto di Caronia Village on the north coast of Sicily was plagued by mysterious fires. It began on January 20, 2004, when a TV caught fire, then houses in the neighborhood began to burn, including washing machines, mobile phones, mattresses, chairs and even the insulation on water pipes. Electricity was cut off, but the fires kept burning.

Although experts carried out tests, no explanation was found. The village was evacuated in February, but when people returned in March the fires resumed. Police ruled out a pyromaniac after they saw wires bursting into flames.

9. Bovine Enigma

Cattle mutilation phenomena, also called 'bovine excision' happened on June 28, 2002 in Argentina where unexplained and gruesome cattle mutilations was discovered near Suco, west of Rio Cuarto in San Luis province. Nineteen cows were stuffed into a sheet metal water tank and closed with a conical cap. Nine were drowned, the rest barely alive having endured freezing temperatures, not to mention the shock of their lives.

8. Postcard Farewell

When Jim Wilson’s father died in Natal, South Africa, in April 1967, both Jim living in England, and his sister, Muriel living in Holland were informed. Muriel contacted her husband in Portugal, and he flew to South Africa right away.

Changing planes at Las Palmas airport in the Canary Islands, Muriel's husband bought a photo-postcard showing holidaymakers on Margate Beach, Natal. He send it to Muriel and when Muriel looked at the photo-postcard, she noticed that the photo-postcard showed her father walking along the beach.

7. Helpful Voices

While on holiday, a woman heard two voices in her head telling her to return home immediately. Back home in London, the voices told the woman to go to an address. The woman did, and it was the hospital’s brain scan department. The voices told her to ask for a scan as she had a brain tumour and her brain stem was inflamed.

Although the woman had no symptoms, she had a scan and it showed that she did have a tumour. After the woman's operation, she heard the voices saying, ‘We are pleased to have helped you, good-bye.’ The woman made a complete recovery.

6. Boulders in Trees

In April 1997, a hunter in Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana, came upon a huge sandstone boulder wedged between three branches of an oak tree, about 35 feet from the ground. The arrow shaped rock was estimated to weight 500lb. Subsequently, four more large boulders were found wedged high up in trees elsewhere in a remote forest.

Interestingly, none of the trees were damaged and it seemed that no heavy equipment was used. There was no tornado damage or any mishaps involving dynamite anywhere nearby.

5. Whirlwind children

In 1992, a nine-year old Chinese girl was playing in Songjian near Shanghai, when she was carried off by a whirlwind and dropped off unhurt in a treetop, almost two miles away. According to a wire report in May 1986, a freak wind lifted up thirteen children in the oasis of Hami in Western China then dropped them unharmed in sand dunes and scrub 12 miles away.

4. Balloon Buddies

In 2001, 10-year-old, Laura Buxton released a helium filled balloon during her grandparents’ gold wedding anniversary in Blurton, Staffordshire. Attached to the balloon was her name, address and a note asking the finder to write back. Ten days later she received a reply.

The balloon was found by 10 year-old, Laura Buxton in the garden hedge of her home in Pewsey, Wiltshire, 140 miles away. Bizarre was that - both girls were named Laura Buxton, both aged 10 and both had three year old black Labradors, a guinea pig, and a rabbit.

3. Enigmatic Earth Divot

An irregular shaped hole, about 10ft by 7ft with 2ft vertical sides, was found on a remote farm near Grand Coulee, Washington State, in October 1984. It had not been there a month earlier. ‘Dribblings’ of earth and stones led to a three-ton grass-covered earth divot 75 ft away.

It was almost as if the divot had been removed with a gigantic cookie cutter, except that roots dangled intact from the vertical side of both hold and slab. There were no clues such as vehicle tracks and an earthquake was thought very unlikely.

2. Phantom Car Crash

On December 11, 2002, two motorists called police to report seeing a car veering off the A3 trunk road with headlights blazing at Burpham in Surrey. A thorough search uncovered a car concealed in dense undergrowth and the long-dead driver nearby. It turned out that the crash had actually happened five months earlier when the driver, Christopher Chandler, had been reported missing by his brother.

1. Bees who pay their respects

Margaret Bell, who kept bees in Leintwardine, about 7 miles from her home in Ludlow, Shropshire (England), died in June 1994. Soon after her funeral, mourners were amazed to see hundreds of bees settle on the corner of the street opposite the house where she had lived for 26 years. The bees stayed for an hour before buzzing off over the rooftops. The local press ran a photograph of the bees hanging on the wall in a cluster.

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