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Flight attendant’s job may look glamorous with perks, but it also comes with challenges. They encounter some unbelievable and bizarre flight requests.

The life of a flight attendant may seem glamorous – jet setting all over the world and serving soft drinks and coffee. But that’s just a small part of what they have to deal with.

Fight attendant are the face of their Airline, and they deal with all kinds of people on flights for hours. They give service, keep their passengers comfortable and attend to their requests… some quite unbelievable.

Below are 12 unbelievable bizarre requests flight attendants have encountered.

12. One Request

A gentleman once asked the flight attendant if the pilot could shut off one of the jet engines in order for his son could sleep better during the flight. But just one!

11. Glass Foot

A passenger, which the flight attendant describes as 'someone who probably should have bought two seats,' was barefoot and stepped on a piece of glass on board. He asked one of the other flight attendants to pull the glass out of his foot because he couldn't reach it.

10. Complimentary item

One passenger asked for a women's sanitary pad because he wanted every complimentary item the airline was offering and he saw someone else getting it. After receiving the pad, he pulled off the paper covering the sticky bit, and covered his eyes with it.

9. Missing Underwear

A man once asked this flight attendant to give him her underpants. She said, 'I'm sorry, I don't have any more clean ones in my bag.' He replied, 'No, the ones you're wearing,' completely straight-faced.

8. A Special Organ

On a flight from Moscow to JFK, a passenger asked the flight attendant for a blood pressure cuff and asked if she could monitor his vitals on the flight home. Apparently, he had just received a black-market kidney transplant in Russia. Thankfully, a nurse was part of the crew that could help.

7. Diaper change

The flight attendant and passengers were gob-smacked when a woman lay her toddler on the aisle and proceeded to change his diaper. This was during boarding.

6. One With the Ocean

A flight attendant was called over by a nice old woman shortly after the plane took off. The woman asked the flight attendant if she could please flush her husband's ashes down the toilet so he could be in the ocean. The flight attendant told the woman he would be in an ocean of blue potty fluid. The woman went and did it anyway.

5. Crazy people

On a flight from JFK to Heathrow post-9/11, just before takeoff, an American woman demanded to be let off the plane. Since the plane doors were closed, and at the runway, the request was refused. The woman went nuts and called 911 Emergency from her cell phone, telling them she was an American citizen, being held against her will on a foreign airline about to take off, taking her to another country.

Within a few minutes, the police and FBI vans surrounded the plane, pulled her out and grounded the flight pending further investigation. The woman was just a mental case, and had ruined everyone’s flight.

4. Antelope head

One flight attendant got to experience blood dripping out of an overhead compartment...because someone had brought a freshly severed antelope head with them from Nigeria. As you do.

3. Neck Massage

Some passengers have been known to ask for back rubs or neck massages. Just so we're clear, the ONLY time it's cool to expect an airline staff member to touch you is if they're performing CPR.

2. Doing yoga

People doing yoga in the aisle on long flights. Getting up and stretching your legs over the Atlantic isn't good enough. This woman showed off her yoga moves on a plane without waking up the guy sleeping next to her considering she was inverted in the middle of a moving aircraft.

1. Breastfeed cat.

A flight attendant once had to inform a passenger that while breastfeeding was allowed on flights, it was only allowed for human children. The woman was trying to breastfeed her cat.

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