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Many famous Hollywood stars are known for their amazing acting talents but what is not normally known is that many of them also have other hidden skills

Most celebrities are famous for their amazing talents that we know. But, many of them also have other hidden talents that is not well known.

Below are some famous people with other well hidden talents.

25. Taylor Lautner

Hollywood hunk, Taylor Lautner is best known for the role of Jacob in 'The Twilight' Franchise, but he also has another talent in martial art. The “Twilight” star is a martial arts champion who received his black belt at the age of 8. Lautner has displayed his martial art skills in various films and interviews.

24. Kristen Wiig

American Actress, Kristen Carroll Wiig is not only a hilarious comedian, but she is also a talented artist and produced some very beautiful artwork. Wiig majored in Art at the University of Arizona, then got a job at a plastic surgery clinic drawing pictures of people's post-surgery bodies. However, she decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue acting.

23. Geena Davis

American actress, film producer, Virginia Elizabeth "Geena" Davis, was not only a recognized beauty in her modeling career; a genius member of Mensa; and an award-winning actress, but Davis was also nearly an Olympic athlete. Davis was a skilled archer, making the semifinals in the 1999 U.S. Olympic Archery Team.

22. Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry became a beloved face as Chandler Bing in 'Friends.' Growing up in Ontario, Perry was more interested in athletics than in drama, and was an extremely talented tennis player. He once ranked third in Canada’s doubles competition, and even ranked as a top junior player. When he moved to LA, Perry realized the level he played in Canada was no match for the talent in the United States.

21. Steve Martin

American actor and comedian, Steve Martin is known for his hilarious comedy and acting ability. But his other special talent is - playing the banjo. At 17 years, Martin picked up the banjo and never put it down. While starring in blockbuster movies, Martin released numerous bluegrass albums, and played on his comedy albums. In 2010, Martin was a Grammy Winner for Best Bluegrass Album for his album, 'The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo.'

20. Neil Patrick Harris

American actor and singer, Neil Patrick Harris known primarily for his comedy roles on television and his dramatic and musical stage has another special talent - as a magician Although Harris doesn’t share a lot in common with his famous character Barnabas "Barney" Stinson, they both love - magic tricks. Harris has been a magic fan for years, even serving as the President of the Board of Directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. In some of his acting spots, Harris performed his magic tricks.

19. Christina Hendrick

The American actress, Christina Rene Hendricks, can play the accordion. She has displayed her special talent on 'Mad Men.' She is best known for her role as Joan Holloway in the AMC drama television series 'Mad Men', for which she was nominated for six Emmy Awards.

18. Colin Farrell

Irish actor, Colin James Farrell appeared in the police procedural drama, 'Pie in the Sky.' The actor took to country line dancing and became a very talented Irish country dancer. Farrell got so good at it, that he even taught classes on the dance style. Farrell put his Irish stepping background to good use in America.

17. Vanilla Ice

American rapper, actor, and television host, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, known professionally as Vanilla Ice never really thought he would become a rapper — his real dream was to conquer the world of extreme sports. Back in the 1980s, Ice won three Grand National Championships in dirt biking, and even became ranked as the 6th best jet skier in the world!

16. Justin Bieber

Canadian singer, Justin Drew Bieber's other talent is solving a Rubik’s Cube quickly, a popular challenge for over 30 years. Bieber can solve the popular puzzle in 1 minute and 23 seconds, maybe a far cry from the Feliks Zemdegs, who solved the puzzle in 4.73 seconds at a competition in Australia in December 2016, but Bieber’s time is still quite impressive.

15. Ed O'Neill

Edward Leonard "Ed" O'Neill is an American actor and comedian But he also has - a black belt in Brazalian Jiu Jitsu. After being introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by his friend writer/director, John Milius, O'Neill trained in martial art for 22 years under the mentoring of Rorion Gracie. In December 2007, O'Neill received his black belt.

14. Pierce Brosnan

Actor, Pierce Brosnan is a professional fire eater. When this former James Bond actor was just 16 years old, he learned the skill of fire eating at an acting workshop. Brosnan picked it up quickly and was hired by a circus agent right away. He spent his teenage years working as a professional fire eater, and even used his circus talents in several films.

13. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis, is the action movie hero we know. Although, Willis found fame from his thrilling movie roles, he is also passionate about music. In fact, Willis is a masterful harmonica player - a talent he’s displayed in numerous solo albums, compilations, and guest appearances. Before his Hollywood days, he played for an R&B band called, 'Loose Goose.' Occasionally, he now tours with his band, The Accelerators.

12. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t just a talented actress and philanthropist, she is also a patented inventor. In 1987, Curtis was granted a patent for her invention of a diaper with a built-in waterproof compartment for baby wipes. However, the actress refused to have her diaper manufactured until companies started making biodegradable diapers, and her patent expired before this happened.

11. Donald Rumsfeld

American politician and businessman, Donald Rumsfeld, was not only the Secretary of Defense during the Bush Administration, but Rumsfeld is also an accomplished… wait for it... Unicyclist. How about that?

10. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is not only an accomplished actor, well known as Han Solo in 'Star Wars' or 'Indiana Jones', but Ford is also a very experienced pilot and actually flies rescue missions. He is regularly patrolling the Hudson River in a helicopter and was in command of a recent airlift of medical supplies to Haiti.

9. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston, the Marvel star is multilingual. He speaks five languages including - Greek, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and, of course, English. Hiddleston also dabbles in Mandarin and Korean.

8. Willie Nelson

American country musician, songwriter, author, poet and actor, Willie Hugh Nelson is also, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. “A guy who really knows martial arts doesn’t have to kick anybody’s ass,” said Nelson . “He knows when to just get out of the way.”

7. Mayim Bialik

Actress, Mayim Bialik took some time off acting between Blossom and The Big Bang Theory to earn her PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA. She is also the author of “Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way”

6. Kevin Spacey

Actor, Kevin Spacey is also an impressive impressionist. Spacey is well known in Hollywood for his impressions. From Johnny Carson to Al Pacino - he can do it all. When he appeared on Inside the Actors Studio, he imitated James Stewart and many others. As a young actor in New York City, Spacey used his skill to pretend to be Carson's son to obtain free theater tickets and enter Studio 54.

5. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan might have released 'Like A Rolling Stone,' but Dylan prefers to be creative with iron when it comes to art. Dylan said, “I've been around iron all my life ever since I was a kid. I was born and raised in iron ore country - where you could breathe it and smell it every day. And I've always worked with it in one form or another.” His first major solo iron art exhibition was in 2013, at the Halcyon Gallery in London.

4. Conan O’Brien

The comedian and talk show host, Conan O’Brien other talent is tap dancing. As a child, O’Brien enrolled in tap dancing classes and never gave up the habit. He displayed his hidden talent on his talk show in early 2012 in a tribute to the year’s Best Picture Oscar winner - 'The Artist.' Besides hosting his talk shows, O’Brien appeared in a number of television shows and films and lent his voice to a number of animated projects.

3. Angelina Jolie

If you aren’t already intimidated enough by Angelina Jolie’s amazing looks, the actress is an expert knife thrower. Jolie honed her skills on the set of the 'Tomb Raider' films, and has displayed her masterful skill with knives on some talk shows. Reportedly, Angie would turn to her knife throwing when she got angry, which scared Brad Pitt.

2. Jennifer Garner

American actress, Jennifer Garner is a woman who also has another talents - saxophone player. In high school, Garner was in the marching band and played the saxophone, and she still remembers a thing or two. Garner agreed to show off her musical skills while taking part in a recent photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine, playing, 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'.

1. Patrick Dempsey

American actor, Patrick Dempsey have a another secret talent - juggling. He was interested in all circus arts and wanted to go to clown school. He dropped out of high school to tour as a juggler and magician. Dempsey took juggling seriously and entered competitions, winning second place in the national juggling championship. He also enjoys auto racing in his spare time and in his younger days was also a champion downhill skier. .

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