Crazy Transport

Riding The Wild Side

Many types of transportation are used around the world. We look at some of the amazing and unusual methods of transportation that are just unbelievable.

In most western nations, goods are transported on trains, ships, and trucks. But in areas where these vehicles are less available and affordable, people and goods move from place to place by some rather creative means.

These images reveal how people in many countries use bikes, carts, boats and animals as amazing transportation to get themselves, their families and goods where they need to go. Check out these amazing feats of transportation which are something special.

20. Family transportation

Who needs a family car? The entire family can all fit on a scooter. This amazing sight can be seen in many Asian countries!

19. Hanoi, Vietnam

A man transports paper replicas to be sold at the The-Vu-Lan-Festi in Hanoi, Vietnam

18. Central Shanxi, China

Farmers transport harvested barley to a Village in Central Shanxi ... to help improve the Incomes of rural residents.

17. In India

And you thought that yellow school buses were unsafe?

16. In India

A three-wheeled rickshaw full of coconut.

15. Somewhere In Hangzhou

Is there Room for One More?

14. Somewhere In Hangzhou

Biggest Bag of Spuds I have ever seen!

13. Somewhere In Zhuji

Beware Of Low Bridges!!.

12. In Haikou, China

A man transports Plastic Bottles and Containers for Recycling.

11. Inventive Moped in Shanghai

A man drives a Moped loaded with a large amount of Plastic.

10. Amazing Bike!

You Can Not Believe How Much Your Bike Can Carry!

9. Somewhere In China

A great balancing act with the Chinaware!

8. Overloading in Thailand

At least if you hit them you will just bounce off!

7. In Vietnam

Watch out for any speed humps or you may get egg on your face!

6. Somewhere In China

Plastic bottles are neatly packed!

5. In Hanoi, Vietnam

A man with a motorcycle duck shipped to market.

4. Somewhere In Bangladesh

I think I’ll wait for the next one!!

3. Somewhere In The Sahara Desert

Everybody hold on tight!!!

2. Somewhere In Africa

Is there room for one more?

1. Somewhere In Brazil

This guy is a balancing genius!!

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