Ordinary Locations

With Horrifying Secrets

There are some places that appear normal, but when you look closely at their respective histories, some of them are tainted with dark horrifying secrets.

There are ordinary looking places on our Earth that looks normal on the outside but holds its fair share of secret. Although they seem pretty standard upon first glance, their respective histories are tainted by tragedy and darkness.

Here are 10 unexpectedly ordinary places around the world with horrifying secrets.

10. Plague Island in Italy

Poveglia, near Venice is a forbidden island with a dark and twisted past. It was used as a quarantine for about 160,000 infested people with the plague. There they lived out their final days and hours and there are whispers that 50% of the soil consists of human remains.

In 1922, a mental hospital was opened on Poveglia, and from 1922 to 1968, it is rumored that a doctor tortured and kill many patients. The Poveglia hospital closed in 1968, but it is believed to be haunted, attracting ghost hunters, and paranormal investigators.

9. Finlands Super-spiders

Finland’s Natural History Museum, is one of the Helsinki's premier tourist attractions. It is also an attraction to a gigantic colony of extremely venomous, near-immortal super-spiders. Known as the Chilean recluse spider, the museum is overrun with them and they are almost indestructible. On the positive side, the recluse spider hide away from people.

As the museum is built above a series of tunnels linking many buildings in Helsinki, the BBC has speculated that it’s only a matter of time before the colony expands into other parts of the city center . . . if it hasn’t done so already.

8. Disney With Creepy Secrets

Disneyland is one of the happiest place on Earth. But according to former employees, Disneyland has a creepy problem with bereaved people scattering their loved ones’ ashes onto the rides. In 2007, a woman was caught sprinkling what was assumed to be human ashes into water at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, (she accidentally triggering a security alert and park officials thought it was a chemical attack).

Others have been caught doing the same at the Haunted Mansion, so the ride now lives up to its name. Although Disney denies the problem, many former employees who spoke with the LA Times, claimed such scattering of ashes was a spooky practice.

7. Beelitz-Heilstätte Hospital

The Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital, in Germany has a dubious historical distinction. Beelitz is where dictators, Adolf Hitler and Erich Honecker were treated for injuries/ailments sustained in World War I and East Germany's last days, respectively. Initial it was built to help rehabilitate the growing number of tuberculosis patients, but during WWI, it became a military hospital. Beelitz Heilstatten hospital is now abandoned, shrouded in mystery, haunting, eerie, waiting to see what fate holds for it next.

6. Sellafield UK Plant

The Sellafield Nuclear Plant in Cumbria, England was the UK government’s first venture into nuclear energy and also the worse handled project in history. In the 1970s, Britain’s coal miners went on strike, so the government overworked Sellafield to stave off an energy crisis. It left little time for proper disposal or cataloging of potentially dangerous materials.

Instead, the dangerous materials were thrown into a pool in two rooms, making these rooms significantly dangerous. Scientist has named, Sellafield as the 'world’s riskiest nuclear waste site' and is in constant danger of explosions and radiation accidents. A safety clean-up operation began in 2009 and will not be complete until 2120.

5. African Burial Ground - New York

Slavery in America has always been identified with the Southern. But the discovery of the huge, 18th-century African Burial Ground in the heart of New York, revealed skeletal remains of some 419 Africans. This high-lightened the forgotten history of African slaves in New York City, who were integral to its development. Wall Street, and most of New York city’s financial district were built on the burial ground of African slaves.

As many as 20,000 African slaves are in graves under the constellation of buildings in lower Manhattan. The African Burial Ground has became a National Historic Landmark. In February 27, 2006, President George Bush signed a proclamation designating the burial site as the 123rd National Monument.

4. Temple with Giant Rats

The grand Karni Mata Temple in India, has a freaky secret. It's crawling with gigantic black rats, known as 'little children' by worshipers. The rats are said to be the reincarnated caste of a Hindu deity, so are given free rein of the temple. In fact, about 20,000 black rats freely occupy it. Although, India has one of the world’s highest death rates from rabies, plus outbreaks of the bubonic plague, the locals believe this rat-infested temple is lucky. So, it’s not uncommon for people to eat food already nibbled by the rats in the belief that it will bring good fortune.

3. The Hotel on Killing Fields

The Lagoon’s Edge Hotel in Sri Lanka is far from an idyllic location, for the hotel is built on top of bloodstained 'killing field'. In 2009, the terrible civil war in Sri Lanka, resulted in the rape and murder of an estimated 40,000 Tamil civilians used by the Tigers as human shields. The scale of war crimes committed was so great that both the UN and one of Sri Lanka’s top judges have urged for a criminal tribunal. Most shocking is how quickly the hotel opened. The Lagoon’s Edge opened for business in 2012.

2. London's Mass Graves

In the 1665 to 1666, London was hit hard by an outbreak, and about 15% of the city’s population died in agony. With so many corpses piling up, authorities interred the bodies in mass graves, and their locations forgotten. Later, It was suggested that as many as 150,000 plague corpses were buried under the city, with more added over the following century.

While you enjoy the sunshine in popular picnic sites such as, Green Park, Shephard’s, Bush Green, and other popular picnic sites in London, spare a thought for the unknown dead that maybe lying beneath your feet.

1. Fort Peck Dam - Montana

When visiting the Fort Peck Dam in Montana, you’ll also be visiting a gigantic tomb. In 1938, workmen notice the dam structure was weak and had shifted 2 meters (6ft) from its original position. The next day, the whole thing gave way with a terrible roar. About 4 billion liters of water, mud, and concrete suddenly spewed out into the Missouri River, destroying everything in its path, including eight men who stood in the way.

Only two bodies were recovered. But the sludge was recycled back into the dam’s construction along with the six bodies lost within it. To this day, the corpses of the six drowned men remain part of the dam itself.

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