Top New Year Events

Celebrated Around the World

One of the largest global celebrations around the world, is people gathering to mark the last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and welcome another New Year.

Although New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are symbolized in various ways across the world, it is always marked by some exciting celebration. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and the 1st day of January is often marked as a national holiday.

In some places, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is first celebrated by attending midnight church services before a big feast. Many celebrate seeing in the New Year with family and friends or watching fireworks displays. From spectacular fireworks to raucous street parties in cool capitals and all-night raves on blissed-out beaches, there is no shortage of amazing ways to ring in the New Year.

We look at 21 places around the world at how they celebrate and welcome in the New Year.

21. Cairo - Egypt

New Year in Egypt commences only after crescent moon is sighted which takes place at the Muhammad Ali Mosque, located on a hill top in Cairo. January 1st is observed both a religious and civil holidays. New Year’s Day is celebrated in a carnival spirit with circus performers, dancers, parties, singers and musicians and family gatherings.

Throughout Egypt, all regions have celebrations for the Christmas and New Year season. Fireworks, special events and organized activities are laid on for the tourists visiting to ensure a memorable festive season in Egypt.

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20. Capetown - South Africa

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Capetown hosts the biggest New Year's Eve party in South Africa. It has several outdoor entertainment zones and a variety of carnival-themed performances to keep party goers entertained throughout the night. Expect an immersive wonderland of glowing colours as magical light installations come to life, illuminating the buildings and trees, with an integrated soundtrack to tell a story that celebrates the community. The famous fireworks will follow, of course!

On New Years Day, thousands head to local beaches while the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival parades through downtown with 10,000 performers dancing and singing in the streets, a tradition that dates back to the 19th-century.

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19. Miami - Florida

Miami is a city that knows how to party. New Year’s Eve celebration is taking advantage of the nonstop 24/7 action in the Magic City. Whether you enjoy live music performances or an elegant dinner at a five-star restaurant, Miami have the perfect line-up of events.

The City of Miami's 35-foot neon 'Big Orange' descends from the Inter-Continental Miami. Beach’s New Year's Eve celebration featuring, fireworks at midnight and at the South Beach there's good old-fashioned all-night dance-a-thon. The grand finale boasts a huge fireworks show at Bayfront Park along with family activities, musical entertainment and gorgeous food.

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18. Oahu - Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Oahu, offers a variety of New Year’s Eve celebrations in many of its gorgeous settings. The beach-side bars have New Year activities with theme nights and contests. There are also outdoor music concerts and boat cruises.

At Waikiki Beach, spectacular fireworks display lights up the beautiful waters and in downtown Honolulu, the Aloha Tower New Year’s Eve party features live music, dancing, and fireworks. In West Oahu, Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii hosts a daytime celebration for families, which concludes with fireworks after sunset.

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17. Amsterdam - The Netherlands

In Amsterdam, on New Year's Eve, sees Impromptu street parties and organized parties are in just about every large public space. There are hundreds of parties and club nights taking place in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve, from elegant black tie affairs to behemoth warehouse raves.

The Museumplein public space in the Museumkwartier neighborhood is the location of the national New Year's Eve party. This televised event draws thousands to enjoy its live music and spectacular fireworks. The Nieuwmarkt square, in Amsterdam's Chinatown, follows closely behind with its explosive celebrations. After, revelers head out to the clubs for drinks, live music and dancing until the sun comes up.

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16. Vienna - Austria

Vienna during New Year’s Eve is one big celebration. The Silvesterpfad ('New Year's Eve Path'), an annual grand street party, is the highlight. The event lines up several free open air New Years Eve concerts in Vienna's city centre. From folk music, waltz and operetta to pop and rock tunes. The Christmas markets are also transformed into New Year’s fairs, there are brass band parades and spectacular fireworks display.

New Year's celebrations include New Year’s Eve Grand Ball at Hofburg Palace; classical music concerts and great symphonies performances on New Year’s Eve. At the stroke of midnight, church bells ring out, welcoming in the New Year and in major city streets, people dance to the tune of the famous 'Blue Danube Waltz.'

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15. Jost Van Dyke - Virgin Islands

The legendary Jost Van Dyke's New Year’s Eve party in the Caribbean, is back on for December 31. The world-famous Foxy’s Old Year’s Night will be hosted again by the famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar. Thousands of revelers attend the world famous New Year’s Eve party.

Old Year’s Night celebrations consist live music, great food and flowing drinks and dancing. Expect nautical attire, DJs on multiple stages, and a barbecue feast. Opt for dinner at Foxy’s ‘Upper Crust’ section, where a five-course menu and VIP area await. The first day of the new year is reserved for recovery and just relaxing at the beach.

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14. Edinburgh - Scotland

Edinburgh New Year celebration include the 'Hogmany' festival, where thousands arrive for the Hoganay celebration. The Royal Mile is transformed into a river of light as thousands of torch-bearers march towards Holyrood Park, led by a troop of drums and pipes.

There are world-famous musical acts and traditional ceilidh dancing throughout the streets. At midnight, is a stunning fireworks show and parties continues throughout the night. New Year's Day celebration include; the Loony Dook Parade, a run down the Royal Mile, a dive in the freezing cold waters of the River Forth, and a dog-sledding competition.

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13. New Orleans - USA

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with many notable events in New Orleans. It include the Sugar Bowl Parade, the midnight dropping of the Fleur de Lis in the French Quarter, and the thrilling 15-minute fireworks show on the Mississippi River. New Orlean is famous for its incredible culinary and cocktail scene, plentiful throughout the New Year’s celebrations.

Parties can go on until the sun comes up, with live music booming from the bars and clubs in the city’s French Quarter and the bustling streets.

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12. Bahamas - The Caribbean

Bahamas' New Year’s celebrations is full of vibrant culture and festive atmosphere. The native Bajans throw an incredible New Year’s party with rich, fragrant food and fireworks display. Celebrations include a Bahamian street parade, ‘Junkanoo,’ featuring elaborate costumed walkers, dance troupes, street performers, musicians and floats.

The parade lasts several hours and concludes with informal beach gatherings and fireworks displays in downtown Nassau and other towns. The Atlantis and the Grand Lucayan have their own parties, some of which are family-friendly.

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11. Iceland - Reykjavik

New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik is an extraordinary experience. The legendary fireworks displays, created by the people of Reykjavik is amazing with the pyrotechnics and celebrations. Traditionally Icelanders start the evening with a festive family dinner, then a customary trip to a local bonfire (brenna) where they celebrate with neighbours.

Around the many bonfires, (symbolize burning away troubles from the past year) locals and visitors gather to sing, dance, play music and enjoy delicious feast. Before midnight, a brilliant display of fireworks lights the sky as they welcome in the New Year.

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10. Bangkok - Thailand

Bangkok is where the bustling metropolis’s locals and expats come together for New Year’s Eve celebration. In Central World Square, thousands delight in the entertainments which includes, a spectacular light show, live concert, and video screens projecting celebrations from around the world.

At midnight, a series of fireworks displays illuminate the riverside. The parties continues at nightclubs and at lively beer gardens. New Year's Eve on Koh Phangan, is home to some of the world's wildest and most famous full-moon party.

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9. Hong Kong - China

Hong Kong's dramatic skylines lights up every year with spectacular fireworks concluding with a dazzling finale: a pyrotechnic dragon that dances across the sky. The events kick off in Hong Kong’s Times Square and shopping mall, where a replica ball drop takes place in homage to New York City’s famous festivities.

Victoria Harbour is the center of the evening activity, with locals party on boats, rooftop terraces, or at the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Tsa Shui taking in the best views of the dazzling light show.

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8. Walt Disney World - Florida

New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World is incredibly busy and full of fun and entertainments all day long. Leading up to the midnight fireworks show, there are live performances, dance parties, live entertainers and confetti explosions to keep visitors entertained.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is home to the Jingle Jungle Parade, while Epcot puts on an impressive lights and laser show just before midnight. There are so many fabulous hoppin’ activities to choose from to leap into the New Year.

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7. Berlin - Germany

New Year’s Eve (known as 'Silvester') is celebrated in Berlin with the legendary New Year's Eve open air party between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. Celebrations include; live performances, DJs, and stunning light and music shows, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display at midnight.

Some one million visitors gather to ring in the new year and watch the amazing fireworks show. It is followed by various parties at different dance clubs such as, the legendary Berghain, famous for its New Year's wild parties.

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6. Paris - The Eiffel Tower

In France, the New Year’s Eve celebration is called “Le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre”. New Year’s Eve is almost always celebrated with a feast of rich foods. Paris, the City of Light lives up to its nickname on New Year’s Eve, as the Eiffel Tower becomes the site of a truly spectacular light show and fireworks display.

The Champs-Élysées, hosts a massive street party, pop bottles of champagne, exchange cheek kisses and papillotes. There is no shortage of restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and other special offerings on New Year’s Eve.

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5. The Strip - Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate party spot where nearly half a million people pack the legendary Strip that is closed off to traffic. The famous Strip is transformed into a giant street party with live bands, pyrotechnic displays, and laser shows. The celebration expands to the old down town area under the Fremont Street and beyond.

Most of the hotels, clubs, casinos and bars offer mind-boggling concerts, special shows and activities. At midnight, fireworks are launched from seven rooftops along the Strip, so chances are you’ll see them whether you’re on the street or in an over-the-top hotel suite.

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4. Sydney - Australia

Sydney puts on the largest fireworks display in the world, one at 9 pm and another at midnight, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House making for a striking setting. More than a million people attend the waterfront spectacular fireworks show, which includes an air and water show.

It also feature aerial acrobatics complete with messages in the sky, mini-light shows and a lighted boat parade. Striking are the indigenous smoking ceremony, the Harbour of Light Parade and a flotilla of more than 50 illuminated boats in the harbor.

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3. Big Ben - London

Londoners ring in the New Year to the chiming of Big Ben. More than 250,000 people crowd the banks of the Thames River and begin the countdown to Big Ben striking the hour of midnight. This is followed by a spectacular light show and fireworks display with the London Eye, Palace of Westminister, and the Shard among the highlights of the urban scenery.

The party usually continues throughout the night. New Years celebrations includes: a three-hour parade complete with marching bands; colorful floats, costumed dancers and a fine procession of the Queen’s horses.

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2. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Rio De Janeiro's fireworks display on New Year's Eve is one of the largest in the world, lasting 15 to 20 minutes. At the popular Copacabana Beach about 2 million people gather each year. At the beach many are in a mass of white, (white is good luck), sipping champagne, dancing the samba and toss handfuls of flowers into the ocean as a gift to Yemanja, the Goddess of the seas.

Giant stages are set along the waterfront with a wide array of drum-heavy music, extravagant Carnival-style costumes, traditional dance performances and fairground attractions. A procession of boats set off thousands of dazzling fireworks over the ocean.

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1. Times Square - New York

In New York City, over a million people gather at Times Square for the famous yearly party. A massive 12-foot glittering ball is slowly dropped down from a flagpole atop the Times Square building and over a ton of confetti is dropped onto party-goers. The event is always televised. You can also expect a fantastic pyrotechnic light show, big celebrity music acts and a New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall where you can write down your resolutions for the year to come.

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