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Most countries are striving to become technologically advanced in order to increase their IT development sectors and promote the lifestyle of society.

Some countries with advanced technology also have high competition level focusing on power, and status at the global level. The highest technology countries are able to harness the power of information, and communication more efficiently.

Many countries are become technologically advanced for the benefit of human life. However, other countrie’s technology is to advance nuclear weapons and methods of destruction.

Listed are 12 countries with some of Highest Technology in the world.

12. India

India is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in nuclear technology, including production of source materials. Most of the new software technology comes from India. Significant achievements have been made in the areas of nuclear and space science, electronics, defense and transport.

There are advanced developments in the field of science and technology. India has the first university in the world, which teaches all the technological sciences. The country has a lot of natural resources which are extracted and used positively for better purposes, and technological advancements.

11. China

China is one of the highly advanced countries in the world with the ongoing process of continuous advancements. China manufactures a lot of steel to make many advanced weapons, with more targeting potential. It has major advancements, such as the world's first quantum communication satellite which launched into space on 16 August, 2016. China's domestically developed AG600, the world's largest amphibious aircraft; and five-hundred-meter, Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST).

10. Canada

Canada has a highly developed technology sector and strongly encourages sciences and research. The nation specializes in peaceful technologies such as bio-technology. Canada developed the wireless interact machines, chip less credit, debit cards and the advanced supersonic twin-engined, Avro Arrow. However, there are technology advancement in many other fields including; health innovations, communication technology, improving space technology, IT Industry, developing quantum computing, defense technology, and others.

9. Russia

The Russians launched the first expeditions to the moon, and were the first to explore Space. Apart from space technology, Russia is a producer and inventor of weapons technology as well as defense systems. The country has one of the best high-tech defense system and exports defense equipment to many nations in the world.

Russia’s S300, S400, S500 and ICBM long range surface-to-air missile systems are very efficient. Recently, Russia deployed it’s S300 in the Middle East in Syria, and was able to deter the most powerful Air Force of the Region, Israel.

8. United Kingdom

Over 40% of the world's scientist are from The United Kingdom, the first modern industrial nation. British scientists many discoveries included: World Wide Web, Jet and locomotive engine, electric motor, commercial electrical telegraph and incandescent light bulb. Recently the United Kingdom specialized in military technologies which include the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle, BAE Systems Taranis. These technologies produced spectacular results on the battlefield in Iraq.

7. France

France has been a pioneer in a number of technological advances. They were the third country to have satellites, alongside the USA and Russia. Technology originated in France include: Internal combustion engines, the refrigerator, parachute and electric generator. France led in high speed transport with some of the fastest trains originated in France.

In 2015, France made history by developed the first Airbus-Electric Plane, which flew over the English Channel. The country is constantly training new scientists, and working on a medley of technology, from high speed rail to the latest technological advances.

6. Israel

Around 35 percent of Israel’s exports are technology-related. Israel is among the top country in space science, and has developed the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with real-time surveillance. Israel produces the most advanced weapons in the world. Its legendary “Iron Dome”have blocked all missiles attacks from Gaza during the 2014′ conflict.

Israel is among the few nations in the world that have modern electric car infrastructure, with well-maintained network of recharging stations. The nation is the developers of silicon chips, and flash drive. It has the highest percentage of home computers in the world.

5. Germany

Germany is one of the best technology and richest country of Europe. Since world war, Germany has been famous for producing the finest army and military tanks, and traces its technological advancements in the year 1900. The country is making rapid expansion in all fields of technology.

Germany’s automotive technology is outstanding with big brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche. Germany also took the lead recently, in terms of Defense Industry by producing the Dolphin submarines sold to Israel. one of the best technology and richest country of Europe is nothing others of Germany, this country has made success after World War second because of producing great type of military tanks which are used in war therefore this country is making rapid expansion in all fields of technology.

4. South Korea

South Korea is another country that has done exceptionally well, in the field of science and technology. South Korea is the birthplace of technology companies like LG, Hyundai and Samsung. These brands are competing with global technology brands like Apple and Toyota. South Korean scientists have made significant contributions in fields like robotics. The average internet speed in South Korea is thrice that in the USA.

3. Finland

Finland is the country that tops almost every field such as the economy, health, politics and the technology. It is due to their aim to make the country first in the technological race by launching high technological projects. The country created Nokia, which was a world leader in mobile communications for dozens of years. The Scandinavian leaders are now focusing on bio-science, energy and environmental science, and has been offering thousands of scholarship to young scientists from all over the world.

2. United States of America

The United States is one of the fastest growing technological countries in the world. Advances in space technology have played a significant role in making the United States of America a global superpower. From the atomic bomb to landing Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Space exploration, pharmaceuticals, defense system, and telecommunications have been United States’ main focus for many decades.

The USA has one of the most powerful and technologically advanced military in the world. It has the world’s biggest technology companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. These technology behemoths have changed the way people live worldwide.

1. Japan

Japan is well-known for its scientific research, having made immense contributions in the fields of: automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, laser guns, industrial robotics, metals and semi-conductors. Japan has achieved results in every fields, from bio-technology to robotics.

Recently, Japan has invented a 'dimensional elevator' that can transport you from one floor to another in the blink of an eye. This Japanese technological advances seem to be beneficial for its citizens, by making life more convenient and easy.

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