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Recent Discoveries On Ancient Civilizations
Research and discoveries have dispelled myths and shed new light on some ancient civilizations, traditions and culture with more respect and admiration....
Chefs Who Died Tragically on The Job
Building a culinary career takes persistence and stamina, and many chefs face hazards along the way. Some chefs had even died tragically while on the job....
Natural Things That can be harmful
The product label 'All Natural' is synonymous with health and well-being, so products with this label we automatically presume are much better for us....
Selfy Thrillseekers may be taking it too far!
Selfies have taken the world by storm, and as the trend becomes more popular there is a growing quest for thrill seeker's selfies to be at dangerous places....
Business Friendly Places Top 20 Countries In The World
The World Bank's Doing Business rankings measure the best countries in the world to set up business and be an entrepreneur, taking a range of factors into consideration....
Top Christmas Displays Lighting up the Festive Season
During Christmas, cities around the world stage extravagant, spectacular trees, decorations and dazzling light displays to celebrate the magical festive season....
Magnificent Accommodation In Beautiful and Exotic Locations
There is so many amazing accommodations around the world to choose from. They are in extraordinary locations, offering great services and experiences....
Famous Tragic Events About Legendary Musicians
Many great musicians left us with memorable classic hits. But most of us are unaware that many of them endured tragic heartaches in their personal life....
Ordinary Locations With Horrifying Secrets
There are some places that appear normal, but when you look closely at their respective histories, some of them are tainted with dark horrifying secrets....
The Human Eye Unbelievable Natural Facts
There are unbelievable facts about one of the most complex organs, the Human Eye, the incredible natural camera, that we visualize our world....
The Universe Most Enduring mysteries
The Universe is full of mysteries and unexplained phenomenons that continue to perplex astronomers to this day. Its sheer size alone is a mystery in itself....
Deep Mysteries Under the Ocean Floor
The ocean is a great mystery and deep down this underwater world are many infinite number of mysterious creatures, mythical and bewildering phenomena....
War Heroes Courage and Passion
There is no greater service to the nation than giving one's life for one's country. War heroes, their devotion and sacrifice should never be forgotten....
Inspirational Women Who Shaped the World
There are inspirational women in history that has made a valuable contribution to our world, and should be honored for their courage and perseverance....
Unusual Historical Facts We probably didn't learn in School
History is the study of the past events, but there are historical facts that are quite unusual and strange that we probably never heard about it at school....
Engagement gift For the special couple
Finding the perfect engagement gift for a special couple can be quite daunting, so we have compiled a list of gift ideas that may be suitable for the couple....
Great Scientists Who Changed The World
Our world dwells in the abode of scientific advancement in different fields of medical science, engineering and technology because of great scientists....
Stories from History That Many Don't Know
There are many stories from history that are most interesting but not really not well known. Some may even sound false, but in fact are incredible true stories....
Famous People With hidden talents
Most celebrities tend to be remembered purely as one-note characters, but many of them also have other hidden talents that people may not be aware of....
Incredible Caves Underground Infinite beauty
Magnificent caves are scattered across many unexplored regions of the world. They are hidden wonder of a mysterious underground world that is fascinating....

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Epic adventure in the Roman Empire
Set in fifteenth century Bohemia, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is a story-driven open-world RPG that immerses you in an adventure in the Holy Roman Empire....
Dubai Shopping Festival The Ultimate Shoppers Paradise
The world’s biggest shopping event is an extravaganza destination, with fashion shows, live concerts, firework displays, games and thrilling entertainments....
National Lampoons A Perfect Christmas Vacation
The Griswold family's plans is to have 'the most fun-filled old-fashioned family Christmas' but the big family Christmas predictably turn into such a big disaster....
The Grand Palace Great Majestic landmark
The spectacular, historical and spiritually significant Palace complex in Bangkok, also depicts the creative and magnificent craftsmanship of Thai Architecture....

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