All The Gadgets

We offer a number of tools to help you create special types of Shows with features including, videos, images, slideshows, galleries, guestbooks and more.

Every Show starts with a blank page ready for you to create something special. Your Show can include lots of features for every occasion. The possibilities are endless.

You can add lots of cool stuff to your Shows. Every Show is unique and you can change the look of your Show using some of our features to suit your occasion. Here are some key features available to Showsta members.

Tools For Sharing
Use your toolbox to create useful Shows.
You can add videos to bring your Shows to life. Upload one or multiple videos to each Show and create video playlists. We accept videos in Mp4 format only.

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Upload and share images on your Shows, featuring slideshows and galleries. You can also add captions to any images you display.

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Turn on your Guestbook to allow your audience to leave messages on your Shows. Messages are instantly displayed and a notification email is sent to you. You can also manage all your Show messages from your Guestbook Manager.

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Display a profile at the bottom of your Shows featuring your picture title and message. You can update your details anytime from your Account and choose which Shows you want to display your profile from the Show Editor.

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Shows are designed for sharing with a private audience, so each Show includes a password. The password is limited to 20 characters and also case sensitive. Edit your Show to change and update the password at any time.

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Show Style
Change the look to suit your needs.

Colour Schemes
Change the look of your Shows with colour. We offer seven colours for you to choose from. Change and update anytime to find the best colour choice to compliment your Shows.

Font Styles
Choose different font styles to suit your Show. We offer standard, professional, elegant and more to choose from. Switch between fonts anytime you like to change the look of your Shows.

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Learn more about our tools to help you create your own Shows.