Image Sharing

Slideshows & Galleries

As the wise old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Shows are designed to help you share your images and display slideshows and galleries.

Slideshow galleries are one of the most popular visual display modes online today and an important feature of any Show you create.

You can upload and share your images on your Shows and display slideshows and galleries independently or together. All images uploaded are compressed and converted for fast and compatible viewing.

Slideshows feature your images with thumbnails for fast navigation. Galleries will display your images 20 at a time with a button to display more. Viewers can click on the gallery images to display and navigate images in full-screen with the option to zoom in on images for more detail. Add captions to any or all images to turn a random display of images into a story.


+ Slideshows
+ Galleries
+ Full Screen option
+ Zoom Options
+ Image Captions
+ All image formats

Image Tools
You have some great ways to present your images.
Image Slideshows
Upload images to create slideshows featuring draggable thumbnails and clickable feature images to navigate.

Image Galleries
Display galleries to display all your images in a tile layout. The gallery will display your first 10 images with a button to show more images if available.

More Images
Initially the 10 random images are displayed. Click the 'More Images' button will load and display 20 more images to your gallery at a time.

Full Screen Images
Click on the images from the gallery to display in full screen layout. You can also navigate all images in full screen and zoom in for any device to explore photos in more detail.

Image Captions
You can add captions to any and all images you choose. These captions are displayed in full screen mode.

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