Private Sharing

Password Protection

Every Show has a password to keep your Show secure and is required by your guests to unlock every Show you create. A great way to share privately online.

All Shows are password protected and a simple yet powerful solution designed for secure private sharing. You can add a new password when you create your Show or change your password when you edit an existing Show.
Login or sign up to update your passwords anytime you like. Just don’t forget to tell you guests when you do. Here are some more password hints and tips.

Adding Passwords
Simply add a new password when you create a new Show or update passwords anytime by editing a Show from your Collection page.

Password Tips
Each password is case sensitive with a maximum of 8 characters. Choose a strong password for maximum security purposes including upper and lowercase characters and symbols.

Multi Passwords
If you are sharing multiple Shows with the same audience, you may choose to use the same password for easy access. This means your visitor only need to enter the password once to access all your Shows with the same password easily.

Secure Sharing
Each Show can include, video and images. All content is visible only after your visitor has entered the correct password. The content is locked again once the password expires or the web session has ended.

Keep It A Secret
You are responsible for ensuring your passwords are kept secret and secure. We make sure the door to access your Show is locked. The password you choose is the key to this door so choose wisely when creating each one.

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