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Shows are the perfect solution for sharing personal and promotional information privately with your friends, family, work colleagues, students and customers.

There are lots of ways to share content socially. But how do you share privately?

Social networks are a great way to help you share information with the world. You can share anything and everything these days, but it’s not ideal for private sharing your special occasions and professional content like resumes, work portfolios and training resources.

Email is also a great way to share private content with others, but it’s not the best looking display tool. Fair enough. It’s not designed for that.

Our solution is different. Shows are private and perfect for sharing with anyone and everyone. Create a visual presentation of your content and share it privately with one person or many. Ideal for both personal and professional use. Simply share the private link and password. It’s that easy.

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Upload Your Media
Shows can include videos, images, guestbooks and more. Just upload the media files to your Show and update. You can add or remove files at any time.

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Personal Sharing
The perfect solution for all your personal sharing needs. Ideal for sharing travel, special occasions, tributes and recipes with family and friends.

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Professional Shows
Shows are also a great way to share professional, private content. Ideal for promoting resumes, portfolios, training, presentations and displays to: students, work colleagues, potential employers and clients.

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Private Sharing
All Shows you create are private, secure and password protected. Simply share the link and password with your chosen audience. All Shows are compatible with all mobile devices with full protection for private sharing.

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