Video Sharing

Speaks A Thousand Words

Videos are an effective way to bring your Shows to life. Simply upload a video to feature on your Show or share multiple videos to create special playlists.

Video is everywhere these day and a big part of what we consume online. Adding a video to your Shows is easy, appealing, informative, entertaining as well as adding more life. Simply uploading videos to your Shows to share with family and friends; promote products and services to customers; or provide training to students and staff.

All members can upload video to their Shows. Plus and Pro Members can add multiple videos to each Show created. Video thumbnails are generated automatically.

If you upload more than one video to a Show your single video player will change to include a playlist. From the Show Editor you can add titles to each video. These titles will display on your video playlist and let your viewers switch easily between the videos you have included.


+ Feature Videos
+ Video Playlists
+ Full Screen option
+ Play, Pause, Mute
+ Mobile Compatible
+ Mp4 format only

Share videos with a clean and simple player.
Single Videos
When you upload a video to your Show a simple player is displayed.

Extra Videos
If you upload two videos the single player is used which will autoplay the second video after the first one finishes. You can also skip to the next video from the bottom player menu.

Video Thumbnails
Feature videos use the feature image for your Show. However, when you upload videos to your playlist a thumbnail image is automatically generated for each video. This image is a snapshot taken 25% of the way through your video.

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