Jatayu Earth’s Cen
World's Largest Bird
One of India’s popular theme-based nature park features the world's largest bird sculpture atop a rolli
Cave of the Crystals
Remarkable Chapel of
Deep below Naica’s mountain in Mexico, are amazing giant selenite crystals which has attracted world-wi
Li River
Natural Pearl of Chi
Surrounded by spectacular scenery and traditional culture, China’s famous river is hailed as having one
Moeraki Boulders
A geological marvel
A remarkable sight in a New Zealand's beach are enormous, mysterious geological formations of spherical s
Shilin Stone Forest
Spectacular Limeston
One of the world’s most incredible limestone formations is China’s amazing giant stalagmite-like ston
Stunning Hanging Cli
One of the most photographed pieces of rock in the world, is Norway’s spectacular cliff rock jutting ho
Great Blue Hole
A marine sinkhole ma
It is the largest sea hole in the world, this giant, deep blue, circular, underwater sinkhole off the coa
Al Naslaa Rock
Mysterious Sandstone
Shrouded with mystery in the Tayma region of Saudia Arabia, is an incredible huge megalith rock which is
Kaindy Lake
Secret Sunken Forest
An idyllic mountain lake in Kazakhstan, known for its unique beauty, incredible submerged forest with sun
Angel Falls
World Highest Waterf
Venezuela’s spectacular natural wonders, is famous for being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in th
Bản Gioc Fall
Spectacular Natural
One of Vietnam’s most breathtaking natural attractions, is the majestic large twin waterfalls which tum
Chocolate Hills
Unique Geological Wo
Often dubbed as an ‘Eighth Wonder of the World,’ Bohol’s amazing symmetrical mounds are a famed tou
Montreal Botanical G
A Magical Outdoor Pa
One of the world’s largest and finest is the botanical garden in the heart of Montreal featuring a rema
La Isla de las Munec
Mysterious Island of
A strange attraction on the Mexican island of Xochimilco, where mutilated dolls hanging eerily from trees
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Historic Architectur
It is one of the most majestic mosques in the world, with distinctive six minarets, and blue interior Izn
Glass Slipper Church
A blue architectural
Visually stunning, a church shaped like a high-heeled shoe is certified by the Guinness World Record as
Capilano Suspension
Breathtaking perspec
One of the most popular tourist attractions in North Vancouver, is the suspension bridge park above Capil
Batu Caves
Iconic Hindu Site
Malaysia’s national treasure guarded by a monumental statue of Hindu deity, Lord Murugan is a limestone
Megalithic Jewel
One of the world’s oldest, megalithic structures in Ireland, consists of a passage tomb, temple, design
Palace of Alhambra
Exquisite Islamic Ar
Once Home to Royalty, the world's oldest Muslim palace is a magnificent complex with enchanting gardens a
Derinkuyu Undergroun
An amazing geologica
An ancient underground city carved into the volcanic rock in Cappadocia, is the world’s deepest subterr
Kirstenbosch Botanic
Wonderland Of Bloomi
It is one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Few gardens can match the sheer grandeur of its set
Breathtaking Floral
A famous arid region of Namibia first appear to be desert, but in the spring it is transformed into a div
Moravian Tuscany
Mesmerizing Natural
A picturesque region with manicured, colorful rolling hills, like a magical world carefully painted in hu